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Best Kayak Launching Sites


Here is a guide to places to kayak on Swan's Island. These are all public places, so you should treat them well, but you have a right to park and launch there. Please don't leave your car right where people launch however. There are places to park and you can bring the car down afterwards to retrieve your kayak or canoe.


The first place to launch is at the ferry terminal. There is an all tide ramp there and you can go to all sorts of cool islands and up into the coves from there. Remember that the ferry is going to turn around, so give it lots of space and wait for it to come in or leave. North Point is owned by the Nature Conservancy and the only way to get there is by kayak.


The second place is the other all tide launching area in Minturn. It's right next to the Quarry Wharf off the Minturn loop. Park up in the area where there are lots of boats and trailers on the loop. Burnt Coat Harbor is a great place to kayak, but it is a working harbor, so please stay out of the channel as you enter and leave the harbor.


The third place to launch is at the Carrying Place. Park here and take off on the Back Cove side if the tide is high because the mudflats go out about a mile at low tide. You can paddle all the way around the north side of the island and return to the other side of the Carrying Place and it will take about 5 hours. The Toothacher Cove side is accessible at any tide. The Fine Sand Beach is about a mile from the Carrying Place.


The fourth place is a great place to go when the tide is up. You go past the Transfer Station on the north side of the island. Go straight when the road turns to dirt. You go left at a fork in the road and then take your first left. It will go down into the woods and end up at a launching area. This is owned by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and is a great place to explore Seal Cove. Make sure to get back before the tide goes out!


These are the best launching spots and each of them has a myriad of possible trips from them.


Enjoy! And please tell somebody where you are going and when you are going to come back.


Iver Lofving