Swan's Island Vacations

Rentals on a Maine Island

The Summer Birds of Swan's Island


The following list indicates the species of birds found on the island during the month of August compiled over a 10-year period. The flats at the Carrying Place is great for shorebirds when the tide is low and the road to Fine Sand Beach from the turn off the main road to the parking lot is great during the warbler migrations. The boreal chickadee also has been found there. If you wish to add species to this list just email the info to kaniau@yahoo.com and I'll add it to the list!

Common Loon

Double-crested Cormorant

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret (2015)


Black Duck

Red Breasted Merganser* (2011)

Common Eider

Black-bellied Plover

Semipalmated Plover


Least Sandpiper

Semipalmated Sandpiper


Ruddy Turnstone

Lesser Yellowlegs

Short-billed Dowitcher

Spotted Sandpiper

Solitary Sandpiper

Greater Yellowlegs* (2009)

Black-backed Gull

Herring Gull

Ring-billed Gull

Laughing Gull

Common/Arctic Tern?

Black Guillemot

Black Billed Cuckoo* (2009)

America Kestrel

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Northern Goshawk

Broad-winged Hawk

Bald Eagle



Wild Turkey

Mourning Dove

Ruby-throated Hummingbird* (2016)

Belted Kingfisher

Pileated Woodpecker* (2011)

Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

Yellow-shafted Flicker

Alder Flycatcher* (2009)

Great Crested Flycatcher* (2013)

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Wood Pewee

Barn Swallow

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Brown Creeper* (2016)

American Robin


Hermit Thrush

Swainson's Thrush* (2016)

Common Crow

Common Raven

Blue Jay

Black-capped Chickadee

Boreal Chickadee

Nothern Mockingbird (2013)

Gray Catbird

Cedar Waxwing

European Starling

Golden Crowned Kinglet

Red-eyed Vireo* (2010)

Ovenbird* (2010)

Blackburnian Warbler

Wilson's Warbler

Magnolia Warbler

Nashville Warbler

Northern Parula Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Cape May Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Common Yellowthroat

Black and White Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler

Canada Warbler

Palm Warbler

Tennessee Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

American Redstart

Common Grackle

Purple Finch

Red Crossbill

Whitewinged crossbill

American Goldfinch

Dark-eyed Junco

Song Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow

Red-winged Blackbird


*added by an avid birder

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